Okay this isn’t related to anything my blog is about, but it’s such BS I can’t not say anything about it.

Up until recently, my checking account with 5/3 Bank was pretty nice. I got some interest, there were no fees, no minimum balance. And somewhat recently they even starting reimbursing me the fees for up to two non-5/3 ATM withdrawals. How cool is that?

So I made a withdrawal at a non-5/3 ATM last week. My first one in months. The fee was $3. I expected to see the $3 fee charged to my account as usual, then reimbursed later. Instead, I found this line on my statement:


What is that all about? I didn’t get any foreign currency. I called 5/3 and they informed me that it was a fee for using a non-5/3 ATM. On top of the fee charged to me by the bank who owns the ATM. What?

Okay, I admit I don’t read those “changes have been made to your account” notices very closely. And I can understand 5/3 deciding to drop ATM fee reimbursement. But to punish me further by actually charging me an extra fee? WTF?

This is the kind of thing that will push me to move my money to a different bank.