I wrote a blog post.

And now I’m expanding it.

It’s easier than it seems, at first, to start a blog.

So many of you out there think “I should write a blog.” But then you think “it’s so much work - and the commitment! Oy!”

I thought that, too. But then I realized there was no commitment.

Have you seen my posting history? I’ve written just 26 posts in four years! What is that, a post a month? But you know what? Some of the stuff I wrote was useful to somebody. Heck, some of it was useful to me later on when I needed to recall a how-to I wrote a year or two before.

So for those of you who are stuck on the potential commitment of keeping up a blog, stop it! A blog doesn’t become a commitment until you get a large reader base that expects regular updates. You are not Scott Hanselman (yet).

Instead, do what I’m doing. I write when I happen to have something to write about. I try something new, I write about it. I solve some problem I’ve been having that others might also have, I write about it. The company I work at hands out topics and motivates me with prizes, I write.

Writing a blog is not a commitment. It’s more a blessing than anything. Future you will thank you for documenting your experiences. And maybe some other people, too. So why aren’t you writing?

There, that wasn’t so bad.

This post is part of a weekly Blog Battle-turned-tournament started by some of my coworkers. Each week, bloggers are matched up based on the tourney bracket and a random topic/title is chosen for each match. The bloggers get to interpret the title however they wish. My SEPeers get to vote for the winner and the champion is, well… the champion!